Crescent Moon


Image size: 21cm x 29.7cm (A4)

Mount internal frame measurement: 24.5cm x 33cm

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All designs are available as hand-stretched canvas prints supplied with a hanging cord. Prints on 280gsm soft white cotton fine art paper are also available with or without mounts, or with a variety of frames. The prints are produced by a high quality printing technique known as Giclee. Some of the designs can be reproduced by hand (hand-painted) upon request.

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This painting is all about the sky!

Someone once asked me why I often paint moons in my pictures and why they are always full moons rather than moons at other stages of the lunar cycle, and suggested that maybe there was some intriguing Freudian analysis to be made! However, sadly, I’m not really that interesting and the fact is that in many of my pictures the colour scheme is deliberately such that the ‘circle’ in the corner could be either the sun or the moon depending how the viewer sees it – sorry to disappoint you David!

Having given this some thought I decided to paint a crescent moon picture for a change. I wanted an early evening feel rather than a night time scene as it afforded me the opportunity to use more colours in the sky so I have used similar colours to the ‘Dusk’ painting just because I like them! And of course the picture needed some inky black trees to emphasise the feeling of approaching darkness but I have kept them to the bottom of the painting in order to maximise the colourful area of sky.

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