Lost in the Red Forest


Image size: 21cm x 29.7cm (A4)

Mount internal frame measurement: 24.5cm x 33cm

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Product details

Black rustic deep frame 3.5cm width

All designs are available as hand-stretched canvas prints supplied with a hanging cord. Prints on 280gsm soft white cotton fine art paper are also available with or without mounts, or with a variety of frames. The prints are produced by a high quality printing technique known as Giclee. Some of the designs can be reproduced by hand (hand-painted) upon request.

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There is something about being surrounded by trees that makes you feel part of the earth... too deep??

Anyway, moving on, this picture was originally inspired by a photo I found which depicted a dense forest of silver grey tree trunks offset by an abundance of red foliage. The combination of leaves hanging down from above and springing up from below and the misty patches of sunlight had a magical quality that took my breath away, and I was transported off on a flight of fancy, imagining myself being drawn into the picture, almost absorbed into the forest... but then back to reality and the irresistible urge to paint the scene evolving in my mind.

As you can see there are no silver tree trunks in this painting however, as sometimes I find it best to stop when something looks right, even if it is not quite what I had first envisaged because it is really easy to completely ruin all your hard work by going just that bit too far! So basically once I had put in the dark trees I decided to leave it alone as I felt there was already a lot going on in the picture.

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