Single yellow fish


Gallery wrapped stretched canvas

Image size: 102cm x 76.5cm

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Gallery wrapped stretched canvas

All designs are available as hand-stretched canvas prints supplied with a hanging cord. Prints on 280gsm soft white cotton fine art paper are also available with or without mounts, or with a variety of frames. The prints are produced by a high quality printing technique known as Giclee. Some of the designs can be reproduced by hand (hand-painted) upon request.

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As a lover of all things bright and beautiful, tropical and marine fish have always held a fascination for me. I think the fish world (along with the plant world and the bird world... and maybe the butterfly world...) has the most amazing array of colours and diversity and it’s difficult not to be inspired to paint something. And now of course we have the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham so we can see these things close up, which is great as we are probably as far from the sea as you can possibly get in the UK! And it has a fantastic collection of weird and wonderful sea creatures bobbing around...

So this painting is just a very small tribute to the fish world.

I have painted in a completely different style to the impressionistic daubing I tend to favour because I just wouldn’t have been able to do justice to the delicate fins and tails, however I have tried to stick to the basic palette principle I have used previously and kept the background very simple – just a yellow fish on a graduated deep blue to represent the ocean.

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