Red spiky triangle trees


Hand embellished print on canvas

Image size: 20cm x 20cm

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Hand embellished print on canvas

All designs are available as hand-stretched canvas prints supplied with a hanging cord. Prints on 280gsm soft white cotton fine art paper are also available with or without mounts, or with a variety of frames. The prints are produced by a high quality printing technique known as Giclee. Some of the designs can be reproduced by hand (hand-painted) upon request.

*Please note when ordering prints, that colour tones may vary slightly from the image shown, due to painting techniques and metallic paints used to create the original artwork.

Quotes for print sizes to your own specifications can also be requested.


Just basically messing about with red and green again in this painting!

I have used deeper, brighter colours than in Windswept Apple Tree to create a more vibrant image and spiky trees which sort of edge over to the side of the picture as though they are trying to sneak off somewhere.

I think I was going to call this one something like ‘Hedgehog Lollipops’ as the trees remind me of hedgehogs on sticks but thought better of it... although it does have a certain ring to it...

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