Bronze tree-o


Dark brown rustic frame 8.5cm width

Image size 35cm x 28cm

No mount

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Product details

All designs are available as hand-stretched canvas prints supplied with a hanging cord. Prints on 280gsm soft white cotton fine art paper are also available with or without mounts, or with a variety of frames. The prints are produced by a high quality printing technique known as Giclee. Some of the designs can be reproduced by hand (hand-painted) upon request.

Quotes for print sizes to your own specifications can also be requested.


Metallic paint features a lot in my artwork, sometimes I use it to enhance a small area or feature, or sometimes as in this case, I have used it in abundance to actually create the effect of foliage. I like the way it can look both rich and delicate at the same time.

This picture really needs to be viewed at a distance to appreciate the overall effect of the combined metallic colours with the more subtle green tones of the background.

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